Time with the Himba Tribe

Cultural visit to the Himba of Kunene (family, soft adventure, specialist)

Your journey into former Kaokaland takes you to the heart country occupied by the Himba people, an extraordinary tribe of pastoralists whose ways and traditions have survived a history of famine, war and modernisation.

Your journey into the land of the Himba will begin by aircraft transfer, to a luxury lodge, from which you will travel daily to villages, experience a variety of traditional Himba activities and be given the opportunity to go on some of the most fascinating walks you could ever hope for. Given that the Himba know the vast and harsh environs of Kunene as well as you do your backyard, it’s an experience like no other.   

 As with all our cultural visits, your trip to Kunene takes as read the fact that we are the Himba’s guests, and that your visits to their homes, or your experience of the wild through their eyes, are so rewarding because the Himba are themselves: nomadic, old and independent.

Please note that your trip will also variously include boat trips on the Kunene River, game drives, and bird and crocodile viewing.

Approximate Costs

For a 12 night private journey through Namibia, privately guided by Festus Mbinga, to include the Himba experiences of Kaokaland, Wolwedans private reserve and 3 nights flying with the Schoeman family costs start from US$ 12,000/ UK£ 8,000 per person.

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