Kampala Sheraton Hotel

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Built in 1965, refurbished in 1995, and located just 45 minutes from Entebbe airport, Kampala Sheraton is considered the best stay in Kampala.

Situated in the city centre, and boasting 218 rooms, the hotel overlooks the city and Kolol and Nakasero hills. Guests familiar with Starwood Hotel's Sheraton line will instantly recognise the signature low-rise block, the architectural gardens and the grand reception room. Consisting of a range of dining facilities, a number of lounges, bars, shops, conference rooms, internet and office facilities, a 500 capacity ballroom, a spa, gym and Kyoga swimming pool, Kampala Sheraton is big hotel living.

Swish, attentive and aiming to cater for a variety of tastes, the dining options are first class: Temptations is an upmarket delicatessen; the Equator bar does cocktails and bar snacks; Park Square Cafe does a fine latte; the Paradise Grill specialises in tandoori; and the Victoria Breakfast Room does Americano. After hours entertainment continues in the English-pub-themed Rhino Bar, and on Fridays and Saturdays all night dancing can be had at the Equator Lounge.

The rooms of Kampala Sheraton are divided into 5 classes: classic (112), superior (73), junior suite (21), park square suite (9) and royal suite (3). The standard Classic room includes a double or twin bed, sometimes a balcony, a writing desk, side tables and a separate bathroom. The Superior room is similar, only larger, while the suites include a separate lounge and get progressively more lavish.

Given the number of rooms, it is nigh on impossible to identify a particular Kampala Sheraton style, except to say that, in keeping with its status, all mod-cons and services - safe, TV, internet access, safe, butler service etc. - are in situ and available, that the rooms are clean, beautifully kept and that, in some cases, they are beginning to look a tad out of date. Please also be advised that some amenities are not included in the original costs - and that some areas of the hotel are exclusively reserved. Finally, it's worth knowing that the city facing side of the hotel is much louder than that facing the hills.

Activities are legion. A pared down list includes shopping, city excursions, golf, squash, tennis, spa, massage and a variety of keep fit classes.

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