Usumbara Mountains Climate

The Usambara Mountains are situated in the north-east of Tanzania. Over 100 kilometres long and 60 wide, they range from 1,600m (Lushoto town) to 2,440m, with the wettest areas receiving 2000mm of rain per annum. Like much of the rest of the north, the Usambaras are subject to a bimodal rainfall pattern, with the long rains occurring in March-May and the short rains in October and December. Divided - by the Lwengera River - into east and west, the Usambaras provide excellent hiking and bird watching opportunities, with the Amani Nature Reserve and the Mazumbai University Forest considered the most significant ecological zones. While best visited during the dry seasons, the west and northern facing slopes are in the mountains’ rain shadows and receive just 600mm a year, making them perfectly accessible during the short rains. Temperatures decrease the higher one goes, and there is a chance of mist during March and May.


Usumbara Mountains

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