Musawwarat Climate

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In concert with the rest of northern Sudan the hot months are very hot which can be trying in the desert. The best months to travel are from October to March when the days are pleasantly hot and the nights are warm or sometimes even cold in the desert, especially if there is a wind.

Sudan is hot, but dry which makes the heat far more bearable for most than the humid heat of the tropics. Houses install desert coolers to lower remperatures, in effect an airconditioner that blows air through a wet rag to raise the humidity. In the hot season many a Sudanese family sleeps out on the flat roof of their houses.

Prior to the rains in July Sudan suffers from Haboobs, sand storms that are so dense that you would have to stop your car. There is a special tension in the atmosphere in the intense summer heat, just before the rains break which some feel more than others.

Sudan (North)


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