NamibRand Private Reserve

This remarkable reserve, which contains in its one hundred and seventy-two hectares everything Namibia has to offer in terms of terrain, is a leading example of what can be done to re-create, protect and nourish wild Africa.

Formed - initially by Albi Bruckner - out of a number of sheep farms, it is fenceless, bordered on the west by the Naukluft Park, and on the east by the Nubib mountains, thereby guaranteeing the essential migratory routes of a number of southern Africa's main grazers.

Home to, among others, gazelle, springbok, baboon, jackal, spotted hyena, African wildcat and leopard, NamibRand Private Reserve is one of Africa's largest game reserves, and, with all its profits dedicated to conservation, concerns itself only with the preservation of this wonderfully rich ecosystem. Please note, however, that this is not a big game experience, and that the primary wildlife is oryx (gemsbok).

NamibRand Private Reserve has recently negotiated further open fence deals with neighbouring landlords, and a lot of work has gone into creating a viable cheetah population. This is all thoughtful stuff, and further evidence of an organisation with an eye to the future.

Activities include walking safaris, game drives, hot air ballooning, short flights to the likes of Diamond Coast and the Sossusvlei dunes.

Given NamibRand's impeccable credentials, visitors will not be surprised to learn that not only is the accommodation fantastic, but every bed brings with it two thousand hectares of wilderness, and ensures, therefore, a very private, very attentive stay. Its not cheap, but its extraordinarily well run, and certainly worth the time and effort.

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NamibRand Private Reserve

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