Places to go in Ethiopia

Best understood as divided between its northern and southern circuits, Ethiopia's destinations are varied, and range from the extremities of the Danakil Depression to the peaks of Ras Dashen. Types of accommodation will depend on area, but a burgeoning tourist industry has meant real growth in the luxury and frontier ends of the market, offering everything from hotel to luxury lodge to mobile camp. If you would like to find out more about any of our luxury and frontier Botswana destinations, then please do give one of our destination specialists a call. Meanwhile, do have a browse of the below.



Rich in history, Ethiopia's northern circuit areas include remote World Heritage sites such as the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and Lake Tana’s famous island monasteries. Travel conditions can be testing throughout, though well worth the effort, while towns like historic Axum and Gondar are very special experiences indeed.


For a very different destination, the southern circuit includes , the Omo Valley on the shores of Lake Turkana, a landscape of delta and riverine forests with fabulous bird-life. The south’s Yirga Alem, a town located amidst wild coffee trees and plantations, is a wonderful staging-post from which to explore the little-known areas that surround it, some of which boast endemic species such as Swayne’s hartebeest and the white-tailed swallow.


As of yet, accommodation does not quite match the bars set by longer-established African tourist destinations. All the same, as said, options have increased exponentially. There is a huge range of excellent tented camps and safari lodges, as one would expect, and in recent years some wonderful luxury options have appeared, such as the Maribela Hotel or the Ghion Addis Hotel.



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