The Opportunity

Wild Philanthropy is an inspirational travel and conservation legacy social enterprise that enables sustainable conservation economics in critical conservation areas. We operate in 'off-radar' parks and reserves forgotten, or not known, by the main travel and conservation agendas. We seek opportunity in the speculative and frontier corners of Africa's wildernesses.

If you think, like us, that the human race is busily sawing off the branch on which we sit then let us curate your own conservation legacy. In addition to the considerable travel benefits that membership provides, the membership club will generate up to US$900,000 annually for conservation investments on the ground in Africa - to help conserve over 2 million hectares of prime wilderness ecosystems. WP is a blend of serious thinking and extraordinary frontier travel for the donor traveller.

Will Jones, CEO of safari company, Journeys by Design, is an environmental scientist who grew up in Africa. With access to leading-edge, on-the-ground research in tourism and conservation, Jones has held a ring-side seat to the issues afflicting Africa, as well as the opportunities, for the last 20 years. Wild Philanthropy comes out of that confluence of experience. 

“Like my clients, I feel a growing obligation to help rescue those places I have grown to love,” says Jones;  “I now want to use the contacts I have generated with my work immersed in wildlife and tourism to a different end.”

Wild Philanthropy is a journey into land, using travel as a portal. We act as a bridge between ‘higher-level’ travel and strategic investments in the African Wilderness all designed to protect the underlying asset – land. This is about the future of fragile ecosystems in Africa and the myriad of systems that depend on it.

Wild Philanthropy Travel is the first step on your journey into that land. We will design special access opportunities to a range of ecosystem projects and management teams where we will be opening doors that provide unique insights into ‘off-grid’ land management opportunities and introductions to practical management teams.

Journeys by Design curates logistically complex African safaris; Wild Philanthropy elevates this travel experience with the opportunity to give back and participate on a significant scale. We enable you to get involved with wildlife and environmental projects in vulnerable African ecosystems, helping in their rescue not through aid but investment underpinned  by the leasing of land for the greater benefit of Africa and Africans.  

Wild Philanthropy Invest is the commercial arm of the enterprise that helps the member look at the various social, environmental and financial returns of any investment. We build feasibility studies and business plans, as well as providing risk management solutions and impact reporting on your investments and conservation legacy objectives.

Wild Philanthropy Trust is the in-house trust that a % of all membership fees will be channelled and then allocated to a range of critical conservation and ecosystem projects. Annual reports on the impact of the trusts investments will be provided to all members.

We partner we numerous initiatives. The delivery of a complex solution is much bigger than just Wild Philathropy. We partner with Drum-Cussac for risk monitoring, Conservation Capital for feasibility studies and Itad for impact reporting.

Wild Philanthropy is not for the first-time visitor to Africa. It is for the high net worth individual who has already fallen in love with the continent, and wants to be involved in its future. This is safari at a different level — a new African journey taking you into areas where there is no tourism, sitting with world-class conservationists and an inspirational mix of stakeholders around the campfire. We help you to network those relationships to everyone’s greater benefit — not just your own, which will be both experiential and commercial, but the communities, wildlife and ecosystems in crisis. In short: Using travel as an initial portal, Wild Philanthropy leads you towards a more involved relationship with Africa, through strategic financial investments, while bringing viability to communities and ecosystems ignored by the mass market or struggling national governments.

The level Wild Philanthropy operates at requires discretion, not only because of the profile of our clients, but also because of the sensitive territories with which we are involved. Hence deeper information on specific opportunities is only available to members. To sign up, please be in touch with me directly on  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or email TK.

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