The Team

Will Jones - Founder and Managing Director

Having been raised in 6 African countries Will started Journeys by Design in 1999 as a specialist frontier operator. Trained as an environmental scientist and guide Will has an overriding passion for all things environmental. Will oversees new business development whilst still maintaining a close link with clients and innovative itinerary design.

Angela Sacha - Director

Angela joined Journeys by Design in 2006. In 2012 she was appointed a director of the company and jointly drives the development of the business. Angela travels to Africa on a regular basis and coordinates the sales department. Her knowledge of Africa is substantial and is a passionate supporter of community based initiatives.

Paige Ethington Hardy - US Representative

Paige joined Journey's by Design in 2005. An invaluable friend and partner, her role has been to represent the company's considerable interests in the US. An indefatigable planner, superbly organised, Paige is responsible for handling initial contacts.


Maddy Bowers - Operations Manager

Maddy joined Journeys by Design in January 2010. Highly professional, extremely level-headed, Maddy's understanding of the business has grown exponentially and her many trips to Africa have provided her with an invaluable insight into how everything works on the ground.


Grant Ferguson - Finance Manager

Grant arrived at Journeys by Design in 2015. As a finance manager and South African to boot, he is JbD’s numbers man. As such he’s responsible for the business’s accounts, payroll and client and supplier payments.


Hannah Rayner – Destination Specialist

Hannah joined Journeys by Design in January 2013. A marketing management graduate with a passion for sustainability and environmental conservation, she is a senior Destination Specialist, specialising across the whole of East Africa and also in Zambia and South Africa.

Paul Callcutt – Destination Specialist

Paul joined Journeys by Design in 2015. While clearly a perfect fit for the designing of primate-centred itineraries, his wide-ranging skills and knowledge means he has quickly taken responsibility for sales in a number of key operational areas.

Frankie McCarthy – Sales and Office Support

Frankie joined journeys by Design in 2014, he role includes organising and liaising with our office suppliers. She has also recently taken on a sales support post to help create itineraries with the team's destination specialists, which will develop as she begins to travel on some of the company's educational trips.

Jamie Cross – Sales and Marketing

Jamie joined Journeys by Design in 2015 to assist Angela in sales and marketing. As part of her role she oversees and develops innovative marketing strategies for the company as well as expanding the more traditional approaches. Jamie's sales role will continue to evolve as she begins to travel to Africa on some of the company's educational trips.

Simon Morris – Research and Development

Simon was offered a full-time post in 2015. He divides his time between being research and development assistant to Will Jones with Wild Philanthropy and overseeing the content and look of the site.

Dave Waddell – Copywriter

Dave writes and edits the vast majority of the copy for our various marketing platforms which includes this website, as well as travelling to Africa for occasional firsthand experience. Dave runs his own business Writing Man 


Marty – The Pug

Marty started at the office in May 2014 and since has begun to fulfil his alpha male role with great vigour. This lovable pug has a heart of gold and with unparalleled courage will bark at any dog in or out of the office that he hears within a 3 mile radius, to protect us poor, lowly humans.

Ella – The Labrador

Ella joined us in September 2015 and while she is strictly bound to the Paul-Angela-Jamie corner of the office and lives in fear with her other canid counterpart present, she throws caution to the wind when alone, roaming free and without care into enemy territory, sniffing every corner, sloshing water-bowls about the place and taking the chance get to know the variety of glorious smells presumably wafting from the other team members as we nonchalantly continue to work.

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